Kivo supports individuals and organisations to overcome complexity and evolve to expand their social impact.

The World is Increasingly Complex

Often we know we need to be ‘future ready’, but we don’t always know how. We just wish we could skip over all the barriers, have more impact and do more good.

We find ourselves faced with loads of exciting opportunities, but we’re too often trapped in restrictive, old ways of doing things. Meanwhile, the speed and scale of technological change is rapid. It can be a little bit overwhelming.

That’s why we set up Kivo: to unlock organisations and individuals, so they can evolve and drive social change.

Why Kivo?


The Kivo network is a team of strategists with extensive experience in organisational design, transformation and coaching.

Human centered approach

We know there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to change, so we bring together the right team at the right time, offering services to suit your needs.

Building your vision

We’ll help to build your vision for change, problem solve around challenges, and work through the nitty gritty – taking a human-centred approach and collaborating with you to create a practical roadmap for change.

Our Clients

Save the Children
Cancer Research
British Red Cross

Kivo’s recommendations proved to be effective and helped me to embed the positive changes needed to transition us from a good team to a high performing team, with minimal impact on our ability to deliver business as usual through the change.

Jennifer Willis, Associate Director of Finance

King College London

Kelly did a wonderful job supporting me and the leadership team through a time of significant and challenging change. Keeping the wider team motivated, she promoted a sense of togetherness across organizational and global borders.

Andrew Latham, Managing Director

ETS Global

Kivo take the time and trouble to understand what is unique about us, and deliver solutions that consider both what we are trying to achieve and how to make it happen in a way that really works.

Claire Rowney, Executive Director of Fundraising & Marketing

Save the Children UK

Kelly and I have worked together previously on an organisational redesign and relocation. Kelly impressed me with broad range of skills. She was highly adaptable in an ever-changing environment and circumstances. Kelly is a skilled communicator and combines this with careful forward planning to ensure all details are covered.

Cait Allen, CEO

Wessex Cancer Trust

Kivo come with the rare ability to see the bigger picture without falling into the typical role of 'consultancy'. They stand by their ethos of putting people before their own profit and will do all they can to ensure you maximise your investments into organisational change.

Anthony Newman, Director of Brand, Marketing & Communications

Cancer Research UK

Kelly was a step ahead across the programmes, intuitively identifying risk and quickly outlining solutions, ensuring that even if we did hit bumps in the road there were always clear options available to keep the programme moving.

Linda McBain, Director of Digital

Save the Children UK

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