Through one to one coaching, we help individuals to set a clear direction, grow their confidence and build the right relationships, so they can overcome barriers, evolve and expand their impact.

Our work with individuals

Coaching can be a lifeline at times of change. We offer one-to-one support for individuals who are seeking to develop themselves to realise their personal change goals, or want to harness the confidence to better negotiate externally driven change.

Our goal is to help individuals find their sense of purpose, enabling them to have greater impact through their role.

By giving you the supportive, safe and confidential space to stretch into new and unfamiliar ground, the right coaching relationship can help you make sense of complexity and be game-changing in the change journey.

Who we work with:

  • We work closely with leaders and specialists driving organisational transformation, helping them to build the insight and confidence needed to move forward, bringing others with them.
  • We also work with people who have the capability and potential for growth, but need additional support. Everyone has untapped potential, and with the right support and focus, can maximise the opportunities a change brings.

Find out more about our services and approach below.

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How it works

We work with individuals on a bespoke basis as everyone is different. Kivo takes a whole person approach – exploring the dynamics between work and life experiences. We can help you understand the behaviours that are holding you back, unlock barriers so they can be turned into opportunities, and give you the confidence to empower others to lead too.


What’s the holistic view looking like? (Wheel of life)

What are my core values?

What do I really want for myself?

What does my organisation want from me?

What are the challenges I foresee ahead?

How can use resource available to me to maximise my: Success | Wellbeing | Happiness | Usefulness | Impact

Where am I going to need support?

How can I make this happen?

Our services

When was the last time you checked in on what your values are? Have they changed recently? How do they fit the values and culture of your organisation and the expectations of your role?

You know what your organisation’s purpose is and the likelihood is you’ve got a fair idea of how your role is supposed to contribute. But what if you stripped that away? What’s your underlying purpose? Without getting lost in an existential investigation of why we’re here on earth (as much fun as that is) we will find a comfortable framing of what’s important to you and how you want to have an impact, then see how well that aligns with your current role.

We will:

  • Take a look at your values and how clearly defined these are
  • Consider how these would play out in real life
  • Use these to frame what’s really important to you
  • Using all this, we’ll create up to three simple purpose statements

What are your core values? Here’s a values assessment that you can do yourself.

Unclear on your purpose or what a personal purpose could look like? Here’s an example purpose statement as well as a list of questions that can help you define your priorities.

Vision and Goals

It’s not unusual for leaders to spend a lot of time refining their organisations and or teams vision and goals, but how often do we take the time to step back and look at our own?

Having a clear vision helps us to ensure that we’re not only being the best versions of ourselves in the context of our work, but we’re keeping the balance such that we don’t get lost in someone else’s dreams and hopes for us.

  • Working with your coach, you’ll define your vision.
  • We’ll then work together to create change goals.

Here’s a handy template for completing your own objectives.


Through coaching, we help people to find their authenticity, work with their values and build the confidence that they need to achieve their goals. 

With a flexible approach, we will work with you on the best approach. Typically, we will work with you to:

  • Build confidence
  • Finding the right balance between personal and organisational goals
  • Get your priorities right
  • Foster the right relationships
  • Identify and address personal barriers and behaviours
  • Remain mindfulness in the workplace and prioritising wellbeing

Here’s an example of how your coaching journey could look.



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