Kivo understands social change organisations and their needs when facing digital evolution. Through building relationships, confidence and skills, we help them to overcome complexity, evolve and expand their impact.

Our work with Organisations

The need for charities, social enterprises and organisations doing good in the world has never been greater. Yet, every day, there seems to be a new kind of competition, contradicting our missions, fighting for the fundraising pound or taking our share of voice.

Meanwhile, many charities and social purpose organisations would confess that they aren’t designed for the present, let alone the future. Every few years there’s the need for a restructure – because change is constant and the job can never be ‘done’

We offer a low cost, low commitment, service to organisations who know that something needs to change – but they’re not sure what, or how. Our goal is to set organisations up for success and provide the help they need to start seeing tangible results. Plus we support leaders and their teams, with coaching and mentoring, to make the journey feel a little bit smoother. Find out more about our services and approach below.

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How it Works

Kivo is a network of strategists with shared values. We’ve grown organically, attracting experts from a range of disciplines, who share our outlook and ethos.

Our founder, Kelly, works with organisations to understand the best approach to meet your needs. If you need more support, we will bring together the right team for your project, being led by your specific circumstances and needs. You might need one of our services, or all of them, and that’s okay. We can evolve with you over time too, if the requirements change.

Working with us, you get full access to our knowledge and expertise. We sit alongside you or your team; collaborating, up-skilling and growing confidence and effectiveness. Explore our organisational services below, or take a look at what we can offer for individuals too.

Our Services

Readiness Assessment

How ready are you to take on more of the world of data and digital? By conducting qualitative and quantitative research, we help you to understand your strengths and to identify what’s holding you back. Our approach is evidence-driven and informed by our deep knowledge of the sector, giving you a credible foundation for the change you need to drive forward.

  • In-Depth interviews and group sharing sessions
  • Staff surveys
  • Internal and external assessment of your customer experiences

Take a two-minute self-appraisal, to see if you could benefit from a readiness assessment.

Vision Design

We’ll work with you to define your vision for change. This will be a vision for the impact you want to have and what you want your audiences to feel, think, do, in the world of digital. Taking a person-centred approach, we’ll use this vision and turn it into tangible focus areas, so you know what you need to do to get where you want to be.

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Ideation and design workshops
  • Competitor and collaborator review

Can’t wait to get started? Here’s some guidance on how to build a vision for yourselves.

Change roadmap

We bring the inspiration and expertise to help build your strategy and roadmap for change. Once you know where you need to get to, we’ll help you find the best route to get there. This will include any new skills and expertise do you need? What does the organisation need to look like? And what new data, technology and ways of working will drive success?

  • Planning workshops
  • Roadmap design

What makes a good plan in the 21st Century? Explore our blog or get in touch for a chat.

Capability building and Team Design

We believe that most purpose-driven organisations are full of people that want things to change, but they’re often struggling to overcome the barriers to making it happen. We’ll work with you to design an environment for success and build confidence amongst teams, especially when it comes to embracing digital, data and technology.

We’ll help you to design ways of working for the future: Including increasingly a collaborative and agile workforce with capacity for innovation, with high performing autonomous teams and supportive leadership.

  • Assessment of processes, skills, technology and ways of working Team and ways of working Design workshops
  • Team coaching and training
  • One to one coaching / mentoring

What capabilities will you need? Here’s a capabilities assessment that you can do yourselves. We can help you work through the results.

Leadership coaching

Leading through times like these requires having the confidence to be comfortable not knowing what’s next, whilst giving increasing levels of autonomy to others. Whether you’re embarking on a restructure, moving into an agile world and your team isn’t quite ready for it yet, or looking to be able to support others with confidence, we can help by coaching Leadership.

  • Leadership vision setting
  • Behaviour mapping
  • One to one coaching

Get in touch if you’d like a confidential chat about coaching and how it could help you or an individual in your team.

Team coaching & mentoring

Our leadership coaching isn’t just for individuals. It’s also for teams, and we have particular expertise around coaching through change. For example, we can work with team leaders and their teams, giving them the confidence to step into new roles, operate autonomously, set boundaries and improve relationships. 

  •   One-to-one coaching

Could your team benefit from coaching? Get in touch for a free conversation or book a discovery assessment so we can help work out your needs.

Kelly and I have worked together previously on an organisational redesign and relocation. Kelly impressed me with broad range of skills. She was highly adaptable in an ever-changing environment and circumstances. Kelly is a skilled communicator and combines this with careful forward planning to ensure all details are covered.

Cait Allen, CEO

Wessex Cancer Trust

Kelly was a step ahead across the programmes, intuitively identifying risk and quickly outlining solutions, ensuring that even if we did hit bumps in the road there were always clear options available to keep the programme moving.

Linda McBain, Director of Digital

Save the Children UK

Kelly did a wonderful job supporting me and the leadership team through a time of significant and challenging change. Keeping the wider team motivated, she promoted a sense of togetherness across organizational and global borders.

Andrew Latham, Managing Director

ETS Global

Kivo’s recommendations proved to be effective and helped me to embed the positive changes needed to transition us from a good team to a high performing team, with minimal impact on our ability to deliver business as usual through the change.

Jennifer Willis, Associate Director of Finance

King College London

Kivo have been considered part of the team at Save the Children, leading across organisational, technology and process change, whilst ensuring the internal team has the capability and capacity to take further phases of the transformation forward.

Karl Hood, Chief Information Officer

Save the Children UK

Kivo take the time and trouble to understand what is unique about us, and deliver solutions that consider both what we are trying to achieve and how to make it happen in a way that really works.

Claire Rowney, Executive Director of Fundraising & Marketing

Save the Children UK


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